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"Scientists and artists are very much alike. They are searchers asking questions about human problems. They open the world up for us to show how little we really know, to keep us interested in life."


Paraphrased from Josh Ritter

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Wa-chur-ed offers galleries of original astro-photography, products to help amateur astronomers, and information for beginners in astronomy and astro-photography.


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Latest Astro-Photo:

PerfectStar Motors are now available for SCTs. Specifically designed for the EdgeHD series (8 to 14 inch aperture), PerfectStar SCT makes it easy to add absolute positioning focus control to popular SCT telescopes.

Recent Images

PerfectTemp temperature sensor:  This optional accessory to the PerfectStar Focus Controllers provides enhanced performance for temperature-compensated focusing.

Latest News & Products Announcements:


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Latest News & Products Announcements:


To get the latest news from WO more frequently (and less formally), check out the Facebook page:  The FB page will be updated more frequently than this web site, and will include more information about what I am up to, in both astro-photography and product development.  

Together At Last!


We are pleased to announce that we can now offer the Hotech SCA, the perfect companion to our MRT adapter.  Together, they complete the rock-solid connection from telescope to camera!

P Temp